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Neighborhood walking guide

Our corner of town is home to some hidden treasures, wonderful places for you and your family to walk through and enjoy! Four walks are detailed here. Download your own copy of the complete walkaround guide.
Wear out the kids

Start: Neighborhood hub: San Francisco & Bethel 
Access: Car, bike, or bus (Route 21)
Distance: From hub to:
Bigelow Park: 1 mile round trip (2,000 steps)
Friendly Grove: 2.5 miles round trip (5,000 steps)
Terrain: Flat

Surface: Mostly sidewalks

Highlights: From the deep shade of Bigelow Park to the wide-open field of Friendly Grove, this walk will take you on an indulge-in-that-extra-cookie journey across a wide swath of our neighborhood that's sure to leave everyone exhausted. Both parks boast great playground equipment. In addition, Friendly Grove offers a skateboard ramp and tennis courts while Bigelow Park has a baseball diamond. And don't miss the playgrounds at Roosevelt Elementary! When you're ready to take a break from the action, refuel with Popsicles at Don's EZ Stop.
Mission Creek Park

Start: Neighborhood hub, San Francisco & Bethel 

Access: Car, bike, or bus (Route 21)

Distance: about 1.5 miles round trip (3,000 steps)

Terrain: Mostly flat, with some gentle hills

Surface: Sidewalk, gravel path, boardwalks

Highlights: In the heart of our neighborhood is an pristine refuge, home to the headwaters of a salmon-capable creek and 37 acres of old-growth Douglas firs and cedars, open meadows, and wetlands. Huckleberries, little wild blackberries, and Himalaya blackberries along the path from Ethridge are an occasional happy surprise in late summer. The park is accessible from several entrances (Trail map).
Let the dogs out!

: Neighborhood hub:
San Francisco & Bethel
Access: Car, bike, or bus (Route 21)

Distance: 1.5 miles round trip (3,000 steps)

Terrain: Flat

Surface: Sidewalks

Highlights: Off-leash paradise! The Capital Vision Christian Church graciously allows a large undeveloped area on the west side of its property to be used as an informal dog park. And thoughtful neighbors keep two mailboxes stocked with bags so pet owners have no excuse to not do the right thing and pick up after their pets.

Melinda Spencer,
Sep 27, 2010, 1:36 PM