LoL 2014

Hi NENA members and community friends,

I hope you are all having a great summer! This year the NENA Board
successfully secured another City of Olympia neighborhood matching
grant to bring more art to our neighborhood. The art project involves
painting a mural on the side of the old gas station at Bethel and San
Francisco. This project is in cooperation with the organizers of Love
Our Local Fest which will be held on Sunday, August 24 at this same
great location.

Recently we sent you a survey to collect some ideas about what kind of
mural design would interest you. Thanks to those of you that
participated in our survey! We collected over 100 responses plus 27
additional comments that weren't listed on the survey (thank you for
your candid feedback). Our neighborhood is a great place to live in
and it only gets better when people become involved.

The top three votes from the survey are:

32%-Children focused since it’s next to Roosevelt Elementary

25%-Store front scenes-community market, ice cream shop, pet store etc.

24%-Puget sound scenes with Native American Art

Your survey responses provided ideas to the organizers of the LOL Fest
mural committee and guide the artist when developing the mural design
and color palette. Take a look at the attachments for a sneak peek of
the mural and color pallete chosen.

China Faith Star was the artist chosen by the LOL Fest mural committee
to create the mural design. Here is some insight from China: "I took
the survey results and sought to draw multiple images per theme (
children playing, people of all ages, buildings/storefronts, sense of
place, salmon/fishing culture, Puget sound scenes/elements with native
art). I was really inspired by the children aspect... and I wanted to
express a sense of what makes Olympia great for children...and give
them a sense of power in the images, movement, diversity of race. I
express the innocence allowed children raised in a strong and
supportive and safe community such as Olympia is. This led in
perfectly to Puget sound scenes/elements. We have such a wealth of
nature available to us here. I drew from the landscapes and viewpoints
of Priest Point, settling in on just a couple of tree scenes that felt
really iconic to this place. I then played with infusing the larger
image with a sense of reflection often felt in nature, but also part
of representing water. The water led to sea creatures (featured in the
center). Our water is a really important resource here...and wanted to
speak to that with the flowering beauty that is our local sea life. I
was excited to include some convergence of native life (life being an
expression of art). I wanted to represent both Squaxin and Nisqually
as they hug the area of land that is NE Olympia."

Hey neighbors, here is where you come in...*We need your help to paint
the mural!!* We have just one afternoon to get the mural painted and
ready for the LOL Fest. I'm happy to announce that the Olympia Little
Theatre will be hosting our paint party! *Please come to one of our
greatest neighborhood assets, The Olympia Little Theatre, located at
1925 Miller Ave NE this upcoming Sunday, August 10 from noon-6pm for
this one-time event.* All supplies will be provided so just bring your
paint clothes and anybody else you know that want to have some fun and
be part of our neighborhood's history. Families welcome and encouraged
to attend!

I really hope you can join the paint party this Sunday. For more info
about LOL Fest go to

For more information about NENA, check out our website

Mike Dexel


Northeast Neighborhood Association