2014 NENA meetings

The NENA Board meets 4-6 times per year, usually the second Wednesday of the month.  Board meetings primarily focus on decision making for current and future projects in the neighborhood. If you would like to attend a Board meeting, contact nenapresident@gmail.com We also hold up to four  general membership events featuring presentations on topics of interest to the neighborhood. All meetings are open to the public and start at 6:30pm. We welcome your participation, so please come lend a voice—or an ear—to the evening!
June 25th – Sping Neighborhood Meeting

September 10th – Annual Neighborhood Celebration & Potluck 

October 8th – Annual Meeting

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Mission Creek Nature Park
Saturday October 11th, 10am to 1pm
San Francisco Street entrance
We will be completing the second phase of beautifying this park entrance by making grade and drainage improvements to the trail and spreading mulch for later replanting with native vegetation.  Long pants, sturdy shoes/boots, and gloves are recommended.  Light refreshments and tools will be provided.
Please contact Tom Badger  if you have questions about the work parties. 

Over 33 scouts and neighbors turned out on a beautiful Saturday for an Eagle Scout-sponsored project to put a serious hurt on all the invasives choking the San Francisco Street entrance. The brush pile was immense. Come check it out! A follow-up work party is scheduled for Saturday October 11th 10am-1pm to spread mulch and make trail improvements. Native plants will be planted during a third work party to be scheduled later this winter.

NENA's Neighborhood Pathway Projects
For more than 15 years, NENA has been working on projects to transform our neighborhood into a safer and more beautiful place for folks to get active and get connected. These include the Miller Avenue and San Francisco street sidewalks, the Mission Creek Nature Park trails, the Joy Avenue Pathway, and the traffic safety improvements at Roosevelt School. Based on what we've heard from neighborhood residents at NENA meetings and community events, we’re now beginning work on a new set of projects as part of the City of Olympia's Neighborhood Pathways program and we need your help.  The new projects are:
* Bethel Street to Priest Point Park along 26th Avenue - We are proposing to build a pathway along the south side of 26th Avenue to link Bethel Street to Gull Harbor Road and the east entrance to Priest Point Park. This pathway will make it safer and easier to walk to Priest Point Park from our neighborhood. The proposed path is along a stretch of 26th Avenue with no shoulder and fast-moving traffic. - Will not be built in 2013.  City staff and neighborhood representatives are continuing to explore options for the future.
* Mission Creek Nature Park Extension Trail- We are proposing to build trails and a small bridge across Mission Creek in a large beautiful wooded area owned by the City of Olympia.The trails would begin at the east end of Marion Street just 1/2 block north of the Ethridge entrance to the Mission Creek Nature Park and would end at Central Street.  - Will not be built in 2013.  City staff and neighborhood representatives are continuing to explore options for the future.
* Puget Bikeway- We are proposing that the City build a paved bike path connecting Miller Avenue to Jasper Ave along the Puget Street right-of-way and add new signs and markings to encourage more bicyclists to use Puget Street which is already a City of Olympia designated bike route. Recommended by City staff and by the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee for funding in 2013 and approved by the City Council on May 28.  Construction is expected to begin in Spring, 2014.
We want to hear from you!
Do you have questions, ideas, suggestions, or concerns about these projects?  Do you want to help us plan or build them?  If so, we want to hear from you.  To learn more about these projects, visit NENA's Neighborhood Pathways web page.  There you'll find information about how to get hold of us and the City of Olympia staff we're working with on this project.  You'll also find a link to more details about each project including location maps and our draft pathway designs.

ThurstonTalk.com thinks we're "Ultra Cool"!
  SarahJoy Smith wrote us up on Thurston Talk, a local website serving the greater Thurston County area. Check out her impressions here. Thank you, SarahJoy, for sharing your observations!

Imagine Olympia Update
Imagine Olympia has reached another exciting milestone. In March, the Olympia Planning Commission completed their review and recommendations of the proposed update. They are now preparing to forward those recommendations to the City Council. You can check the Imagine Olympia website May 20th for the launch of the next draft of the Comprehensive Plan. This is the draft that Council will be reviewing. You can also browse a complete history of the Imagine Olympia process and learn more about how we got to this point in the update.  What’s Next?   Staff will spend the next few months supporting the City Council as they pursue their review process. Stay tuned for more details on participation opportunities.  Questions?   Email imagineolympia@ci.olympia.wa.us   Call 753-8314  Visit www.imagineolympia.com


Want to Stop Receiving Ad Flyers in Your Front Yard?
Those rolled and wrapped flyers that appear in your front yard or driveway can be stopped. Here is an excerpt from an email correspondence between a concerned NENA neighbor and Justin Davis, the person in charge of distributing these flyers, that explains what to do:  "The Hot Ticket paper is geared and delivered to non subscribers of the Olympian. The best and quickest way to get the paper stopped is for the homeowner call customer service and request a stop. 1-800-905-0296  I give the carriers a new stop sheet weekly and any new stops are highlighted. I strive to ensure once a stop request is received the address is not delivered again, though it occasionally happens." Justin Davis, South Sound Lead, Circulation Marketing Services  justindaviscms@comcast.net   360-402-5797

Help Prevent Local Flooding
Released by Gary Franks, Operations Supervisor, 360.753.8333 publicworks@ci.olympia.wa.us
Olympia crews will work to clear catch basins and storm drains of leaves, but with approximately 10,000 storm drains in Olympia, they could use your help! If it is safe to do so, use a rake or shovel and remove leaves and other debris from the storm drains near your home or business. Be sure you remove the leaves and debris off the street or they will just return during the next storm. Remember, safety first – if you feel it is unsafe, or there is severe flooding, please contact Public Works Emergency Dispatch for assistance 360.753.8333.
For general information on flooding, visit the City's website.

Options to handle excess leaves:
Turn them into Compost: Put sustainability into action – use your leaves for compost or mulch around your plants. When properly used as mulch or compost, leaves provide an outstanding organic matter and nutrients to the soil. Get more information about composting on our website.
Put them in Your Organics Cart: Put your leaves into your organics cart so they can be recycled and turned into rich reusable compost. Don’t have an organics cart? Call 360.753.8340 to sign up.
Temporary Containers: Residents can request a temporary yard waste container from the City of Olympia for leaves and seasonal yard maintenance projects. For container pricing information contact 360.753.8368, option 2.

Joy Ave Pathway needs your help... brothers & sisters, can you spare an hour?!

The new plants on the Joy Ave Pathway will need weekly watering in the dry summer months. For the sake of simplicity, let's say a good weekly watering is needed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. It takes about an hour to water nearly everything. The herbs don't need much, the trees need a lot! Please contact me, Kirsten, if you are able to sign up for a watering session or if you are stepping up for the first time so you can learn about where the hoses are, etc. Both adjacent neighbors, north and south on the Bethel side, have volunteered their hose bibs and a length of hose sufficient to get to the garden.
Let's take care of this wonderful resource the whole neighborhood has made!  kirsten.sogge@gmail.com  360 339 3647.

New Olympia Walking Paths website
A local Olympian neighbor has set up a fabulous website detailing interesting walks and simple hikes in our area. This link will take you to one of his most recent entries--our very own most wonderful Mission Creek Nature Park:  http://walkolympia.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/mission-creek-nature-park/

Welcome Mural project
...  completed!
Loads of neighbors came out on Saturday August 4th
to help paint what was once a graffiti-tagged retaining wall in a prominent intersection: San Francisco and Puget streets. Below is a collage with photos representative of the wall's recent condition, starting from lots of tags in the upper left to the finishing touches made by artist Carrie Ziegler, in the bottom right corner. A great big thank you to ALL who participated. Together we make this a vibrant and caring community.

Have you heard of StreetBank?
It’s all about lending, giving away and skill sharing...in your own neighborhood. It's a website that allows you to see all that your neighbors are giving away or lending. It's a kind of giant attic, garden shed, toolkit, library or DVD collection for you and anyone living within 1000 yards of your home. And it's all free. How it works  Here's an example: Daniel needs a tall ladder to fix his gutters. He joins streetbank by entering his zipcode and offering to share some thing or skill and finds that Marie has put her ladder up to lend. Now his gutters are clean and he knows someone new in his neighborhood! Learn all about this UK-based* & inspired website: streetbank.com
  *it's LOCAL -- really. Check it out.

Harbor Patrol Seeks Volunteers
The Olympia Police Harbor Patrol is looking for volunteers who would like to devote at least one day per month to promoting safe boating in south Puget Sound.  Priorities are search and rescue, assistance to boaters in need, boater safety education and boating law enforcement.  Boat, training and uniforms provided.  Preferred qualities are boating experience and an interest in helping boaters. All applicants must be at least 21 years of age and pass a thorough background check, including fingerprints. For more information or an application, contact Amy Stull at 753-8049 or astull@ci.olympia.us.wa.

Litter Patrol in the NE Neighborhood...
My family has put together a "litter patrol" project that we've been working on around the neighborhood this summer. Here is the link to our litter patrol blog:  http://olylitterpatrol.wordpress.comPlease email us if you have any questions about this project:  northeast.litterpatrol@gmail.com     Regards,  your neighbor, Patrick Mapp

View Jim Diers' Inspirational Presentation Online
Jim Diers, the former director of Seattle's Office of Neighborhoods, recently visited Olympia to share his vision about the power of neighbors working together to transform their neighborhoods and communities. His humorous, engaging, thoughtful, and inspirational presentation is now posted on the City of Olympia's website at City videos.  Just click on "Other City Videos" and then choose Jim's presentation. For more information about Jim and his work, visit: http://home.comcast.net/~jimdiers/index.html

Do you live within the area we serve and represent? NENA includes parts of unincorporated Thurston County. Click here to open a map showing our boundaries in red.

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